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Truckers Club

with Secure Parking in Norway

Finding a place to take a long stop can be a challenge in it selves and as concerns about attacks on cargo, drivers and vehicles are on the rise the establishment of secure truck parking sites and associated services is becoming increasingly important. More than 50% of cargo thefts in Europe occur in unsecured parking sites and overnight stops. Mostly by thieves cutting the canvas or breaking the lock on a trailer when the drivers are asleep in their cabins.

Our customers have valuable goods in their trucks that represent a large risk for theft and robberies along the road. We would like to help the fleet managers to reduce the risk for crime and losses and atthe same time provide the facilities that the drivers need for their long stop along the road. Statoil takes these issues seriously by launching Circle K Truckers Club with secure parking.  

Extended offer– all in one stop

Circle K Truckers Club offers a wide range of services corresponding to the driver’s need.

Circle K Truckers Club offers a wide range of services for truck drivers at Circke K stations: E6 Minnesund, E6 Berger, E6 Vestby Nord and Circle K Åndalsnes in Norway.


Secure Parking at E6 Minnesund, Norway
- 4.200m2 secure parking area
- Parking for 26 trucks
- 24 hours camera surveillance
- Security lighting
- Access control with barrier

Circle K E6 Minnesund
Feiringveien 23, 2092 Minnesund
Tlf. +47 63 96 82 40

Truckers Club

Register as a member for a range of benefits:
- 25% discount on parking
- 5% discount on Today’s meal
- Free access to truckers lounge, shower, laundry and relax area with TV-room
Price: 1000,- per year


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