We use cookies to identify users as unique but anonomous individs. That helps us register the number of visitors and gives us statistics and information about the number of users that we have on our website and what they do. We use this data to, in the best way, be able to simplify the website and make it as user friendly as possible.




How long is the cookie saved?

__utma, __utmb,


Sends anonomous information to the server. "umta" registers visitor statistics for unique users. "utmb" and "umtc" register the time user spent on the website.

"utma" - two years, "utmb" - 30 minutes and "utmc" - when the browser is closed.



Sends anonomous information to the server. Identifies which page the visitor comes from, for example Google, link from another website, a commercial banner.

When the browser is closed

sfrmap, sfrsvc Station search Identify which country the vistor comes from 5 minutes



Is used to adjust network load

When the web browser is closed