Our DNA - ACT with Pride

Our way of being described by "ACT with pride," our DNA. "ACT with Pride" is the core of our company.

It is our corporate guide to how we should do things - how we do business, how we act towards each other and towards others.
PRIDE stands for P = People, R = Results, I = Improvment, D = Development, E = Entrepreneurship.
Continuous improvement
- Our work with quality

Circle K's vision is to facilitate our customers' everyday lives. We do this, among other things by working systematically with improvements in all our business areas. We want to ensure that our customers constantly have a positive experience when they shop with us.

Improvement work with us is an integral part of all our employees working. It is with the help of the many small, continuous improvements throughout our organization as we take the great förändringskliven. Besides the daily work for change so we also have a number of parts in which we work systematically to improve customer quality.
All our handling of fuel for the stations and is certified according to ISO 9001 and the environmental standard 14001 standards.

complaints Handling
Our attitude is that customer complaints should be seen as an opportunity for improvement and we focus equally on providing our clients professional management of individual complaint as to reduce the risk that the same types of complaints arise again.

customer surveys
In a lot of areas conducted customer surveys regularly. The result of these, ie our customers' evaluation of our delivery, is an important contribution to the future plans for an even more attractive customer offering.

internal audits
Operations goose regularly reviewed by trained internal auditors. We have deliberately chosen to call the audits for the "improvement" meetings, in order to establish clearly what we want with the audits. At each audit identified a number of suggestions for improvement that leads to action.


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