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Basic rules for VAT refunds

VAT-registered companies are able to recover VAT for certain tax deductible expenses with VAT included, such as diesel, motor oil, repairs, exhibition costs, representation, car rental, hotels, taxis and advertising.

Circle K and its partners offer ROUTEX customers a range of options for recovering foreign VAT:

1) Immediate VAT refunds and normal VAT refunds with Intrum Justitia Oy Open

For Circle K ROUTEX customers who choose immediate refunds, Intrum Justitia Oy pays VAT refunds into their bank accounts within two weeks of receiving the necessary documentation. If your fuel purchases abroad are significant, you can choose monthly refunds from Intrum Justitia. Whatever you choose, Intrum Justitia VAT refunds always issues an accounting report for the customers’ bookkeeping and returns the original invoices to the customer.

Contact Intrum Justitia or its VAT refunds partners in the country where you are established:

Contact details of Intrum Justitia offices and partners in VAT refunds matters when transport company is established in:

Intrum Justitia Oy
Hitsaajankatu 20
Mr Pauli Rahikainen
Tel: +358 9 2291 1716

Intrum Justitia AS
Rotermanni 8, Uus Jahuladu
Ms Agne Kull
Tel: +372 60 60 994

Denmark and Germany:
Vatserviceinfo ApS
Postboks 144
DK-6200 Aabenraa
Mr Per Hammer
Tel: +45 36 96 73 61

Konsultativa sabiendriba CONVENTUS SIA
Jauniela 19-2
LV-1050 RIGA
Linda Mendonsa
Tel: +371 28673500

2) Net invoicing for Circle K Norway customers (VAT refunds system for Norwegian companies only) Open

With a net invoicing agreement, the foreign VAT is deducted from your Circle K invoice. That means you can buy diesel and more in most countries in Europe without paying VAT. You improve your liquidity, avoid loss of interest (while waiting for the VAT refunds) and save administration costs. If you don’t reach the limit for VAT refunds, Circle K will invoice the VAT. Net invoicing agreements are available for both Circle K Truck and Circle K EUROPE card customers.

To register for net invoicing or for more information, please contact us by email, by fax on +47 22 96 22 80 or by phone on +47 22 96 20 00 (ask for the invoicing department).

3) Claim your own VAT refunds with the help of Open is a VAT refunds website offering all the information Circle K EUROPE card customers need to claim their own VAT refunds. Access is free for any Circle K customer registered with the site - just “Sign up”. also offers translation and VAT refunds consultancy services.


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